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Letters to Officials
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Here you can write a petition about issues that concern your community and gather signatures from other members of your community before to send it to the decision-makers. Click on the button "New petition" and fill in the corresponding fields. Once your petition is approved by the Portal Administrator, it will be uploaded to the portal so as to gather signatures from visitors to this site.

At the same time, you can read the petitions wrote by other users and join them. Here you can find a listing with all the petitions already started, indicating the date of beginning and completion, the name of the original author, the number of existing and necessary signatures, and the state of the process.

In order to be approved, the subject of the petition should be related to water management and protection and to comply with the Rules of Conduct.

Only the registered users can start a new petition or join the existing ones. If you want to start now a petition or to join an existing one, but you are not yet registered, please register now. If you are already registered, please login to be able to start a new petition or to join an existing one.

You can find more details about the whole process of writing and joining petitions in the “User Guide”.

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