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Letters to Officials
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From this page you can send a letter to an official from your region (mayor, member of the Parliament, manager of a public institution etc.), to expect answers and to read the letters that have sent other persons and the answers that they have received from the officials.

If you want to read a letter that another citizen has sent, click on the title of the letter. If it has an answer, you will also be able to read it.

If you want to send a new letter, click on the button "New letter", fill in all the fields of the form that opens and press "Send". Your letter will be published on this portal if it will be first of all approved by the Portal Administrator. In this regard you will receive an e-mail to inform you if your letter was approved or not by the Portal Administrator. At the same time, you will receive a mail briefing you when the official has answered your letter and you can see the answer on this portal.

In order to be approved, the subject of the letter should be related to water management and protection and to comply with the Rules of Conduct. You can write your opinion, suggestion or complain related to the implementation of environmental legislation, regional or local plans and strategies, environmental problems that should be solved etc.

Only the registered users can send letters to officials. If you want to send now a letter and you are not yet registered, please register now. If you are already registered, please login to be able to send a letter to an official.

Create a New Letter

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