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Located in southeastern Macedonia, Valandovo is small town as well as the school. It started working in 1960/61 as agriculture school "Kame Polizov". Later, in 1972/73, it was added gymnasiums classesso the school became known as High School. In 1991the school building was renovated and it was annexed one more part. Today the school has two part: Gymnasium and Agricultural- veterinary way. The Gymnasium has two ways: mathematical and social-humanistic way. TheAgricultural- veterinary has two part, too. They are: wine technician and technician for farming. The lessons in the school are interpretated in modern equipped cabinets. There is practice for the students from Agricultural- veterinary waywhich is interpretated at the land which is own by the school. The land includes 1.5 ha vineyard, 6 ha cereals, 0.5 ha corn, 0.5 ha plantation with kaki, 0.5 ha plantation with pomegranates as well as uncultivated area. The school owns agricultural mechanization, too, which is used by the students and teachers. As part from the school is a school winery and mini farm.