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Наслов на проектот


About the Project

This is a project between SOU"Goce Delchev" from Valandovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and "Kliment Timiryazev" from Sandanski, Republic of Bulgaria. It's general aim is promoting cross-border collaboration, based on mutually complementing knowledge, for raising better and safer environment awarness among young population from Valandovo and Sandanski and identifying the common and most dangerous and harmful environmental issues of the cross-border territory.

The above mentioned illustrate that or general aim is divided into more separate aims and actions. The cohesion of more specific aims and actions is the condition for the full realization and the achievement of the main goal.

Enumeration of the specific or sub-aims of the project:

  1. To develop and implement a training programme for high school teachers from Bulgaria and Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia, based on mutually complementing knowledge of experts from Bulgaria and Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia, on topics related to environmental data monitoring, measuring and interpretation as well as to environmental advocacy;
  2. To facilitate the knowledge transfer between the teachers trained by this project and their students on environmental protection issues;
  3. To support the local communities from the participating countries to find joint solutions to similar environmental problems.

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